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Touring Opera in the South West

© Tessitoura

tessitura (Italian, meaning "texture")  describes the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre.

Friday 21 July, 7.30 pm

Tickets: £20 to include

strawberries and fizz in the interval

Tickets via Above and Beyond

0117 9277120

St Matthew's Church


in support of

Above and Beyond

Saturday 22 July, 6 pm

Picnic in the interval

Tickets: £12.50

via 0117 9687449

or office@stmarysb.org.uk

St Mary's Church

Stoke Bishop

Sunday 23 July, 6pm

Picnic from 5 pm



Medieval Barn


The Barber of Seville by Rossini.

Two hundred and one years old, but still as light and fresh as candy Floss!

Rossini's take on the story by Pierre Beaumarchais revolving around Figaro. His opera is lively and vivacious, pouring onto the staves from his pen in under a month. 

A recycled overture? A disastrous premier? A mob of thugs to cause trouble from the start? Is that the plot? No, a glimpse of the reality of the first production in Rome. 

But, the opera is a triumph from the first beat of the baton to the last glittering notes, a musical delight with a plot as sticky as spun sugar! 

All the elements are there; a noble count who loves a lady but wants her to love him for himself - not his money. A grumpy Dr, guardian to the lady, who desires her for a bride and for her dowry. A canny factotum or 'jack-of-all-trades' who is no fool. A dour hypocrite to help the Dr in his quest but who's easily bribed. And, the lady herself, a feisty ragazza trapped in the house with just a pen and paper for weapons!

Climb aboard the rollercoaster ride, pull faces in the hall of mirrors, grab a candy floss then take your seat. Enjoy! 

Count Almaviva - Sam Leggett

Bartolo - Jonathan Paget

Rosina - Rebecca Chellappah

Figaro - Brendan Casey

Basilio - Harry Benfield

Berta - Ethel-Jane Cormack

Fiorello - Charlie Morris