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Touring Opera in the South West

© Tessitoura

tessitura (Italian, meaning "texture")  describes the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre.

Musical Director: Arne Kovac

Stage Director: Jonny Wilkinson

Producer: Charlotte Monk

Costumes: Tessitoura

Hansel - Sophie Kirk-Harris

Gretel - Louise Geller

Witch - Dajana Kovac

Mother - Davina Roberts

Father - Jonathan Paget

Sandman - Joyce Ip, Rebecca Pughe

Dew Fairy - Isabella Macfarlane, Catherine Noonan

Ensemble: Sarina Allan, Shannon Clements, Clare Daly, Lucy Daniel, Georgiana Day, Surranne Cerys Giles, Joyce Ip, Isabella Macfarlane, Catherine Noonan, Rebecca Pughe, Vaishnavi Sabarigirivasan