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Touring Opera in the South West

© Tessitoura

tessitura (Italian, meaning "texture")  describes the range in which a given type of voice presents its best-sounding texture or timbre.

Musical Director: Arne Kovac

Stage Director: Becky Keenan-Barelle

Producer, Props: Charlotte Monk

Costumes: Teresa Gale-Davey

Figaro - Jon Paget

Susanna - Angharad Watkeys

Count - Brendan Casey

Countess - Zoe Bartlett

Cherubino - Laura Clark

Bartolo - Kevin Hollis

Marcellina - Dajana Kovac

Basilio - Guy Withers

Don Curzio - Graham Billing

Antonio - Jonny Wilkinson

Barbarina - Martha Ferguson

Bridesmaids - Katharine Billington and Becky Keenan-Barrelle